Fundraiser by Michelle Owens Rigby : Langford and Miller Family TRAGEDY

The Church News is an official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The LeBaron household became web sensations virtually in a single day.
She identified the moms as Rhonita Miller, Dawna Langford and Christina Johnson. Another surviving relative, Julián LeBaron, identified Miller on Facebook as Rhonita María LeBaron, which Staddon said was her maiden identify. How do you get a basketball scholarship told The Arizona Republic that three moms with twin U.S. and Mexican citizenship have been driving from Bavispe to a marriage in LeBaron, one other Mormon-offshoot community in the state of Chihuahua, when their three SUV's loaded with youngsters had been attacked. One of the vehicles exploded in flames. Two of Dawna Langford's 9 kids had been killed in the attack in Mexico.
Alma Dayer LeBaron moved to Mexico along with his two wives and youngsters after he was excommunicated by the LDS church in 1924. For true-crime portrayals of the Church of the Lamb of God murders or Ervil faction memoirs, see Ervil LeBaron § Depictions. It wouldn't be the primary time that members of the break-away church had been attacked in northern Mexico, the place their forebears settled — often in Chihuahua state — decades in the past.
Over the past decade, nevertheless, leading members of the LeBaron group have distinguished themselves as outspoken opponents to the growth of cartel-related kidnappings, extortion and killings in Mexico. Mormon leaders that made modifications to church insurance policies on plural marriage; recognition of legitimacy of management varies by fundamentalist group. Mormon leaders prior to the beginning of the fundamentalist movement and recognized by most fundamentalists as reliable church leaders. Seven kids injured in the ambush have been flown from Mexico to Douglas, Arizona, for transport to Tucson hospitals, LeBaron mentioned. The our bodies of the 9 victims killed have been returned to their family ranch, LeBaron mentioned Tuesday.
Galeana (which includes LeBaron)'s inhabitants was three,763 in 1996. The predominant faith was Roman Catholic, at 80.9% of the inhabitants of individuals over 15, with the rest principally Mormon (viz., "Latter Day Saint motion members") and evangelico ("Protestant"). Church Of The Firstborn Of The Fulness Of Times, Ingólfur Guðbrandsson (2008). Thus saith the Lord.
The victims embrace three moms and six kids. They are members of the LeBaron, Miller, Langford, and Johnson families.
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