Daughter From the Viral, Mormon LeBaron Family of Singers Shares Family Story

Other family members were injured, but survived, the household says. There is a GoFundMe web page to assist the families.
Who went home on Dancing with the Stars is a part of a Mormon group that broke away from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints in Utah over its crackdown in opposition to polygamy in the 1920s and later fashioned a sect in Mexico known as the Church of the Firstborn. On 21 September 1955, Joel LeBaron and his brothers Ross and Floren visited Salt Lake City, Utah, and there organized the Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times; Joel was ordained President of the Church, with Floren as first counselor within the First Presidency and Ross as head patriarch. Shortly thereafter, Joel reported being visited by nineteen former prophets, including Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and Joseph Smith.
She was apparently killed along along with her twin seven-month-previous babies and two of her different seven kids.
She recognized the moms as Rhonita Miller, Dawna Langford and Christina Johnson. Another surviving relative, Julián LeBaron, identified Miller on Facebook as Rhonita María LeBaron, which Staddon stated was her maiden title. Staddon advised The Arizona Republic that three moms with dual U.S. and Mexican citizenship were driving from Bavispe to a wedding in LeBaron, another Mormon-offshoot group in the state of Chihuahua, when their three SUV's loaded with youngsters have been attacked. One of the automobiles exploded in flames. Two of Dawna Langford's 9 kids had been killed within the assault in Mexico.
They had been ambushed by the Mexican cartels; shot, burned, and murdered in cold blood. These were harmless civilians, American citizens simply trying to reside peaceable lives,” relative Tiffany Langford wrote on Facebook.
The victims embrace three moms and six kids. They are members of the LeBaron, Miller, Langford, and Johnson households.
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